Get your UK employee tax right

When you start to pay yourself in the UK and bring on employees, you will need to ensure that all payments made are treated correctly for tax purposes.

Once you have incorporated your company you will need to register for the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme in order to pay yourself and your employees. The PAYE scheme requires you to deduct at source any payroll taxes and social security and pay this directly to HMRC after the end of each month. Our teams in the UK are able to process your payments under PAYE each month and administer the scheme for you, including sending payslips directly to your employees and arranging the relevant payments to HMRC each month.

If you are engaging with independent contractors then you will not be required to pay them through the PAYE scheme and you can make payments for their services on a gross basis. However, there are strict rules in place around disguised employment where you engage with a contractor on a permanent basis and we can advise you on the best course of action in this scenario.

How we can help.

Our team of advisers have lots of experience of dealing with international employees and the implications of them working in a number of different countries and so are well placed to deal with scenarios such as employees moving to the UK for the first time or those working in a number of countries over the course of the tax year.

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