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How we work

We are experts in helping companies expand to the UK.  We take you from the initial scoping and strategy, creating the right business vehicle, all the way to setting up office amongst likeminded companies or your own space and integrate you into the startup community.   

  • 1. Initial scoping of stragegy for UK expansion

    From an initial chat to the pros and cons for your startup's plans to expand to the UK, to a fully costed budget and business case, ready for board sign-off.
  • 2. Incorporation, inter company agreement, transfer pricing agreements

    All the core set up process. The relationship between the group companies. We can manage this for you or work with your existing advisors.
  • 3. Office location, eco-system, intro to appropriate networks

    The options available, whom to speak to in order to hire effectively and who should your early employees / founders be speaking to from day one.
  • 4. Appropriate legal support - corporate, contracts

    We work with a range of fully certified and verified partners, each experts in their field. We'll make sure it's all taken care of.
  • 5. HR support, accountancy platform, payroll, local taxes, bank opening

    From the basic HR issues to employment contracts, option argreements, benefits packages, accounting, tax and compliance - we have it all under control.

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