Connecting your intercompany transactions

When your company is operating in more than one tax jurisdiction (or in some cases the same jurisdiction but through a number of entities) it is really important that the intercompany transactions that are taking place within the group are done so correctly for tax purposes.

As the exchange of information between countries regarding the activities of companies operating within its jurisdiction is becoming more frequent and accurate, it is vital that companies are correctly treating all payments that are made between its group companies.

Examples of where Transfer Pricing agreements should be put in place could include:

  • The use of Intellectual Property by group companies based across different jurisdictions

  • Services being provided by one group company for another

  • Intercompany loans being provided by one member of a group to another

How we can help.

We can help to advise on the appropriate structure for the group and its operations and then look to put agreements in place to ensure that everything is done correctly for tax and reporting purposes.

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