Setting up for the future

It might not always be the case that the initial company structure that you put in place will be the best fit for what you are looking to do next. Company restructures are an important part of all businesses and it is important that they are carried out correctly to ensure that there are no unexpected tax consequences, both at the time of the restructuring and also in the future. It's also important that we look at the commercial reasons for doing the restructure and that it is aligned with the future plans of the business.

Examples of restructurings include companies looking to hive down part of their business in order to pursue a different market or product without risking an already established company. Companies may be looking to restructure in order to receive investment or bring in new shareholders.

How we can help.

We can advise on the proposed restructuring and the tax implications of doing so. This will include the immediate tax implications arising from the transaction, as well as the impact on future taxes such as the eventual sale/liquidation of the company.

We will apply to HMRC for advanced clearance for the proposed transaction - this way we have peace of mind that the proposed restructuring will have the tax consequences that we have advised on and no hidden surprises

We will then carry out the restructuring - this includes the accounting and Company Secretarial aspects of the transaction - in line with the approved clearance from HMRC.

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